“2behappy” is the start of a journey and we firmly believe that journey started is half completed.
Let us see how we all uplift our lives on this journey of life


How ‘to be happy’ comes in our habit.

How we can train our mind to find happiness in our day to day life.

The mission is gigantic but the need of the day. We inspite of having all the ‘better’ things in life search for that elusive happiness. Some times a small incident, story, narration, quote can change our lives. Only we have to give direction to our minds and prepare ‘self’ to open the gates to happiness. Happiness is within us – where we never try to find it . Let us all together embark upon this journey to be happy in life.

The change i make this week

Today i will not complain about anything or anyone. i will remain happy , and accept the people and situations as they are.

Be a part of this endeavor.

  • You may share stories, incidents from lives of great men, achievers, entrepreneurs, simple people. You may please upload (with the source).We will analyse and then share it on websites.